The Company

For those of us who are part of the generations of sculptors that continue working with enthusiasm that is ever new in a field that is rooted in the history of this country, the present is unavoidably linked to the past. Our Company has worked in this sector for more than forty-five years and today we are known for the variety of goods we produce and the professionalism that has always set us apart.

Most of all we are known for the high standard of quality we have attained, since ours is one of few Companies that take care of all phases of production ourselves, from the extraction of the stone to the marketing of our finished products.

We do this because we are convinced that commitment and passion in selecting materials, careful training of our employees, and constant updating of working techniques are the only way we can continue to offer this extraordinary architectural material, natural stone, in its best possible state.

Seat di Barge
Point of sale - San Secondo di Pinerolo

Sede: Barge (CN) 12032 - Via Montebracco, 15 - Registro Imprese di CN - Rea n. 141230 - Tel. +39.0175.346407 - Fax +39.0175.343264 - P.IVA : 01875790048
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