Granitello Valpellice is a material that belongs to the family of Luserna stones. It differs in relation to the site from which it is extracted in the Villar Pellice and Bobbio Pellice municipal areas, but most of all due it being found in veins that are not found elsewhere. Granitello Valpellice enjoys greater hardness than is already found in the outstanding qualities of Luserna stone, as well as almost perfect flatness, an extra-fine grain, and colours that range from black to white, from grey to the stunning green that characterises the most potent bands.
All of this makes this material entirely unique, suitable for both indoor and outdoor paving and wherever a little more is needed, which this stone’s crystalline nature and intense colour are able to offer. "Domenino Giuseppe s.n.c." has been extracting “Granitello Valpellice” since 1973 and is currently the concession holder for the “Camisa" quarry.

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