Today, it is difficult to list all the uses of this stone extracted from our valley, as even way back, local shepherds commonly used the stone as a building material, and especially as “losa” roofing for their rural homes. At that time, stone was extracted by hard work that was completely manual, taking stone from small natural outcrops that were particularly easy to break and work using the few tools that were available. This stone was mainly used locally.
Real quarrying started in the mid 1800s when the few products made of the stone was first marketed by a few enterprising local entrepreneurs. Success came quickly and continued to increase over a short period of time, bringing work, relative wealth, and most of all, a new mentality that led to the extraction of stone no longer being considered as an extension of agricultural activity, but as a source of fulltime work for a good number of villagers. Success was assured when this schistose, easily workable material was found to be able to measure up in terms of hardness, resistance to wearing and the cold. In addition it proved to be a useful architectural element not only for the classic roof coverings, but also for cantilevers, balconies, road paving, and all elements that required a blend of elegance, practicality, low cost and durability.
Those were times when precarious working conditions, the difficulty of transportation in the valleys, and the lack of means of transport, made the quarryman’s work among the hardest and most tiring of the time.
Things continued in this way until after World War II when mainly thanks to the arrival of the first motorised means of working, the technical evolution got into its stride, leading to a vertiginous growth in the excavation capacity that has continued right up to today. Today Luserna stone is found in the basin from which it is quarried in the Municipal areas of Bagnolo P.te, Luserna San Giovanni and Rorà. In addition these municipal areas are also involved in working the stone, as well as Cavour, Barge, Bibiana, Bricherasio and others, providing work for thousands of people. Our products are known and appreciated all over the world and include historical handmade objects as well as more innovative and refined items made using all types of machines that further enhance the unique qualities that have always marked this stone and that, in recent years, have come together to make it one of the most sought-after materials in the field of ornamental stone. In conclusion, we would like to point out that today, this stone is an outstanding “calling card” for all of us working with it, and it is recognised everywhere. Currently, our Company holds the concessions for two quarries in the pietra di Luserna basin, and has shares in other quarries.

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